Simple Sustainable School Supplies and our entire team, care about preserving and protecting our environment, planet and people.


We constantly strive to be mindful of the actions and decisions we make in our business to lower any negative impact on the environment. We are slowly but progressively transforming our business to make it more eco-friendly through our packaging options, product choice, and even how we recycle our packaging from staff lunches in our own office.


Small steps, but each and every one of them counts.

We are striving to do better with less, to protect the world for future generations.


Did you know that at we have a wide range of eco-friendly products available? Our eco-friendly products have many sustainable benefits in how they are all either fully or partially made of recycled materials. They can even be quite affordable. Have a look below at some of the different eco-friendly products on!

Copy Books

We have just recently added a large selection of new recycled copy books, and this includes all the different copy types you can think of, such as refill pads, wiro-hardbacks, manuscripts, and smaller writing and sum copies. Also, look out for our recycled copy covers, ideal for protecting copy products and a great alternative to plastic copy covers.

Pens and Pencils

The following range of pen and pencil sets are environmentally sustainable in some or all of the following ways:

Biodegradable: Uni-Ball 3 Coloured Pen Set

Easily refillable: Frixion Refillable Rollerball Pen

Made from recycled materials - BIC 10 Pencil Set

For example, our Frixion range of erasable pens are made of at least 50% recycled plastic material and are refillable, which helps save our planet's resources.  

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We make a conscious effort to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Our cardboard boxes are all recyclable and can be repurposed as storage or even a fun playhouse!

Our Enviroflute Eco-Friendly envelopes are biodegradable, fully recyclable and planet-friendly.

When sending products in boxes, we also make a conscious effort to use recycled (or recyclable) paper padding to protect the contents.

Mesh Bags

On, we have a selection of different coloured mesh bags, and the great thing is that these are all made from 100% recycled materials!

There are other benefits to using mesh bags. They are great in school, college and work. They can easily protect a large amount of sheets as well as making it arguably easier and quicker to find and flick through certain sheets.

Lunch Products

On we now sell a new range of different Eco-Friendly lunch products. These include our Sistema Renew water bottles. These bottles are phthalate and BPA free, are made from recycled plastic and come in two different sizes of 600ml and 800ml.

We also have a range of different sized lunch boxes, such as salad and sandwich lunch boxes. These too are phthalate and BPA free and are made from recycled plastic. Even the packaging is recyclable!

School Bags

If you’re in the market for a new school bag or backpack and feeling in an environmentally sustainable mood, then we have you covered! We have a large range of Cross Town Jansport backpacks on, which are all made from partially recycled materials. There is a unique bag for everyone here!