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Simple homemade Valentine's Day cards

Simple homemade Valentine's Day cards

There is something extra special about giving or receiving a homemade card. As we find ourselves having more time at home, why not pull out the scraps of card and tubs of glitter and plan a cardmaking session with your family this year.

Check out our simple but fun tutorial on making homemade Valentine's Day cards.

Psst... They only take about 5 minutes to make!

Simple Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Simply fold the red glitter card in half, putting the white sides together - that's where your signature will go (or where your child can draw a picture just for you).


Next, it's time to make up the cover.

We used our Glitter Hearts Stickers and placed them in the corners randomly.


After that, we used our Love Messages Stickers to create a customised note and added some hand-drawn metallic details to fill out space and tie the card together. The card is almost done!


The last step requires personalising the inside of the card - sign it, write a poem or draw a picture! We took the easy way and used our 3D Foam Stickers and signed it with a metallic gold pen.

PS. We would love to see your homemade cards! Share your creativity with us using the hashtag #schoolbooksie. We'll feature them in our stories!