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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”

– George Bernard Shaw


We are delighted to introduce you to our new collection that will spike your interest in design and architecture - Arckit - now available on our website. This amazing toy and learning tool is suitable not only for kids of any age but also for their parents and friends! With Arckit, you can build almost any structure imaginable and have great fun while doing it!

About Arckit

ARCKIT is a freeform architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your ideas to life with speed and precision. Based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid to scale, the ‘click and connect’ modular components make it possible to create a vast range of structures that can be quickly assembled, endlessly modified and finished to perfection. Perfect for STEAM learning, architects, hobbyists, students and children.


As an architect, the founder of Arckit, Damien Murtagh understood the value of a physical model to explore ideas and present designs to clients. However, traditional ‘cut and glue’ models are time consuming, impractical and expensive. The moment of insight came while he was developing a real modular building concept. He needed a modern system that was fast, reusable and cost-effective. To his amazement, nothing like this existed – so he decided to invent one from scratch!


As an introductory offer, you can now find all Arckit kits 10% OFF! Get your set at and start creating today!