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■ Integrated IT Assignments

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Suitable for students who have already acquired a basic level of I.T. skills

  • Contains 30 projects integrating the use of word-processing, spreadsheets and databases reflecting real-life scenarios.
  • Includes a detailed section on the Internet which covers building your own site as well as teaching efficient use of the world wide web.
  • Each project has a difficulty rating (1-5) which increases as the user progresses through the book.
  • The skills required for the successful completion of each project, and the pages on which these skills are explained, are clearly presented at the beginning of each project.
  • Estimated required time included at start of each project.
  • This book is non-software specific.
■ Integrated IT Assignments by Gill Education on
Gill Education

■ Integrated IT Assignments


Suitable for students who have already acquired a basic level of I.T. skills


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