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  • Integrated thematic approach as recommended by the Department for Education and Skills and the inspectors
  • Special section for Additional Literature containing notes on the trial and A Feel Me Do Tit
  • Texts and topical issues, such as those encountered in the exam itself, in the Reading Comprehension sections
  • Discussion topics integrated and prioritized it in all units
  • Listening exercises that come with the examination format
  • A separate unit containing advice, notes and tips on all aspects of the exam
  • Detailed notes of poetry, prose and essays of the course; this includes mind maps, visual summaries of the stories, graphic organizers and sample answers
  • Opportunities for independent research, pair work, group work and self
  • Chapter comprehensive grammar


  • The Oral Examination Booklet and Additional Cluastuiscintí containing:
  • Script three full-length mock-oral exam
  • Notes and tips about key phrases for the oral examination
  • Space for student notes in preparation for the oral examination additional Cluastuiscintí
  • Booklet on Picture Cycle discussed in oral
  • Two CD for students with three mock oral and aural material from the units they FREE eLEABHAR goes with this textbook! Your unique code provided inside the front cover.
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