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Operation Maths 6 - Pupils' Book

Edco  |  Barcode: 9781845366841

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  • Operation Maths focuses on the acquisition and development of mathematical skills, as outlined in the Primary school curriculum
  • A significant emphasis has been placed on collaborative learning, with regular Talk Time and Team Work activities to encourage children to communicate and to address problems in a collaborative way
  • Problem-solving is at the heart of this programme: problem-solving strategies are developed throughout the book; there are regular Work It Out! activities; and the Let’s Investigate! feature at the back of the book allows the children to explore open-ended investigations
  • Children are encouraged to apply maths to their own environment through regular Maths Around Us activities, videos and maths trails
  • There is a strong focus on the revision of concepts and the integration of maths with other subjects, with themed revision pages throughout the book
  • Mental maths skills are promoted in an integrated fashion in each chapter, with an emphasis on the development of estimation and thinking strategies
  • Children can assess their own learning in the Learning Log at the end of every chapter in the Discovery Book, while formal assessment takes place in the Pupil Assessment book
  • A concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach promotes active learning and guided discovery, as the children explore and interact with suitable concrete materials.
  • Mini whiteboards accompany the series, promoting active involvement in a whole-class setting, along with providing instant feedback and enabling teacher assessment.
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Operation Maths 6 - Pupils' Book



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