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6 Types of Engineering you will find fascinating

6  Types of Engineering you will find fascinating

Combining mathematics, science and technology, engineers deliver inventive solutions to modern world problems. As a result, there are many different types of engineering available to young students to choose as their possible future careers. Here are the six engineering fields you might find fascinating!

1. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering develops the industrial processes (ways to make products on a larger scale) used to make everyday products such as plastics, cosmetics, drugs, food, drink, and many other products.

2. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering develops technologies and equipment to help save lives and improve people's health. A great example could be machines that you find in hospitals - X-ray, MRI or ultrasound machines, but also smaller inventions like artificial tissue or the pacemaker.


3. Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering designs ways to make use of electricity on a small scale. This type of engineering includes the design and development of technological innovations, including mobile phones, laptops and gaming consoles.

4. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering uses people's problem-solving skills to design machines and technologies to improve our world. Mechanical engineers create things that contain moving parts, like planes, cars, roller-coasters and even robots!

5. Computer and Software Engineering

Computer and Software Engineering takes care of designing and developing the hardware and software to run the applications and programs that we use daily on our computers and phones. These can include social media, graphic design, desktop publishing and video gaming technologies.

6. Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Civil, structural and environmental engineers design and construct the buildings and infrastructure that are essential to our modern-day society. Examples include our road, power supply and building infrastructure that allows us to live, work and play in our cities, towns and villages.

These are only six examples of Engineering careers, but 'Engineering' is a broad term and can cover much much more! Some fields will overlap to some extent, while other areas are very specialized. Let us know if any of these have caught your interest!