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Products available to Pre-Order


Important points to understand about the pre-ordering process

On occasion, with some products, offers the option to pre-order a product.


What does 'pre-order' mean? currently does not have the product in question in stock in its warehouse.  It may be a new product currently being printed by a publisher (in the case of a new book title), or it may be a product that has had stock of up until recently, but is now temporarily sold out of - this does happen on occasion (e.g during sales and particularly busy times of year).  However, you can still buy (and pay for) the product in question now, and when we next receive a delivery of it, it shall be added to your order.


What will happen with my order if I choose to purchase a pre-order product now?

If you choose to pre-order a product and include it with the rest of your order, your full order shall be placed on hold until the pre-ordered product arrives (back) into stock in our warehouse.  This is usually only for a number of days, but on occasion can be a number of weeks (depending on the pre-ordered product's availability).


When will the pre-order product that I am interested in buying be available and (back) in stock?

This depends on a number of factors, most of which are outside of the control of  When we do receive approximate dates and indications from our publishers and suppliers as to when a product will become available, we endeavour to include it in the product information.

However, as is often the case, our suppliers, unfortunately, don't know for certain themselves, and often a (back) in-stock date is not known or forthcoming.  That said, in most cases, it is normally only a matter of days, but can on occasion extend to weeks.


Why is a product not available to buy or pre-order?

On occasion, when little or no information about a product's availability is known, we shall instead categorise the product as "Awaiting Stock".  This prevents you from purchasing a product that we may not be able to supply you with.

Instead, you have the option of entering your email address to be notified if/when the product in question does come (back) into stock.  The choice is then yours as to whether or not you subsequently buy the product once notified by email that it is available for purchase (again).