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World of calculators

World of calculators

Some might say that maths is complicated and tedious. What if you combine it with a little bit of history? Here in, we are not afraid of difficult subjects, and we try to make even the dullest topics fun and engaging - just stay till the end and you will see what we mean.


As hard as it is to imagine, there was a time when people had only their hands and toes to count on. Can you see yourself in a world without the calculator - a tool that is relied on every day? Thankfully time brought inventions, and the daily exercise of counting is easier than it was in the past...



Did you know that the first true "calculator" was invented in 1642, by Blaise Pascal, and it performed calculations through a clockwork-type of mechanism?


Unfortunately, they were difficult to produce, and very few were ever made, but since then, progress has been made, and there are thousands of types of calculators currently available on the market.


From a simple calculator, that you can use on your phone, through to financial versions, with hundreds of buttons, up till the most specialized - scientific types, the journey through numbers is simpler than it ever was before. We have moved a long way from mathematical calculations on the abacus.



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    There are many varieties of tools and aids to help us count. Since the invention of the computer, each decade brings us more impressive and advanced technological solutions. Who knows what tools await us in the future?




    Words with calculators.

    If you survived with us up until now, we have a fantastic game for you to play! Take out your calculator, work out the maths below, turn your device upside down, and read the hidden words in numbers! Have fun!

    1. 51857700 + 25487963
    2. 9623 * 6
    3. 4896008 / 13
    4. 632941 - 254133
    5. 8904524 - 5122887
    6. 0.19335 * 4
    7. 1269094 / 23
    8. 150278 + 221937
    9. 110716 * 5
    10. 6004152 / 19