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Sugar Skull Face Painting Tutorial

Sugar Skull Face Painting Tutorial

Snazaroo face paints are great to keep your little ones occupied and happy this Halloween. Each set comes with a little step-by-step booklet to make the experience even better. But in the meantime, check out this spooky skull design you can achieve in just three steps!

Step by step

You will need:

The Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack


Sponge white over the entire face. Paint thick black circles around the eyes and add a black diamond on the end of the nose. In the middle of the forehead, paint in the black flourish. Then create the ‘stitch’ mouth design.


Add sky blue, bright yellow and grass green tear drops and dots to the sides of the forehead. Outline the eyes in orange.


Add bright red teardrops to the cheeks. Create a bright red and royal blue cobweb design to the chin. Finally, with a fine brush, outline the eyes with black and complete the chin design.