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Schools Out for 2018. 1 million Irish children start their holidays.

Schools Out for 2018

Wow what a week it's been!

As thousands of Irish schools shut for the Summer last week, Met Eireann is predicting record temperatures to continue across the country. Isn’t great to see the weather arrive just as the schools close!

Temperature records have been broken across Ireland.  
Last Friday was the hottest June day since 1976, with Shannon Airport reaching 32 degrees in the evening.

Our warehouse staff were but also quite hot last week!

Did you know that there are over 500,000 children in Ireland attending primary school in Ireland? And over 340,000 attend secondary school while over 180,000 students attend university or 3rd level colleges.

One of my longest memories from school is watching my siblings play as I was in the middle of both the Junior Cert exams and the Leaving Cert too. Just as the exams start, the weather improves! And that seems to always happen. It's so nice to see the teachers and students across the country enjoy the weather too.

So as Met Eireann warn us about the dangers of the sun, make sure the kids have plenty of sunscreen applied. Keep then indoors in extreme heat and have plenty of water on hand too!