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Leaving Cert exam papers: Engineering

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The Engineering Leaving Certificate exam for Higher and Ordinary Level is assessed using three components – a research project (teacher assessed), a practical examination and a written examination. Here, we explore the written examination component. As a student taking their Engineering exam in the coming academic year, or a parent/carer supporting a current student, you will benefit from understanding what to expect from the final exam.

This article will cover the Leaving Certificate Engineering exam structure, revision and exam tips. We will also help you find reliable revision material for you to achieve top grades. We will run through how to use past exam papers effectively and explore some advice to make the most of your exam time.

Leaving Certificate exam structure

The recent examination adjustments have affected both Ordinary and Higher Level Engineering papers. For both Higher Level and Ordinary Level exams, Question 1 will be compulsory to complete.

Higher level

Question 1 will be separated into two sections. You will be required to answer ten parts from section A and all of the parts from Section B. Question 1 consists of short-answer questions, revise definitions, formulae and concise engineering concepts.

Once you have completed the compulsory Question 1, you will have to complete four other questions out of the remaining seven.

Ordinary Level

Question 1 will consist of short-answer questions and is separated into two sections. Students will be required to answer six parts from section A and three parts from Section B. Candidates will also have to answer three other questions from the remaining six.

Studying for the Leaving Certificate Engineering exam

Candidates will have to demonstrate that they have gained the skills and initiative in the planning, development and realisation of technological projects. You will also be assessed on your knowledge of processes, materials and technology. You must apply your knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar contexts to demonstrate your skills. You will need to learn how to apply your revision by using a variety of study techniques.

  • Write notes in your own words to synthesise information instead of copying them down.
  • Learn key definitions and key terms – forces and mechanisms; for example, test yourself, and your classmates
  • Be familiar with inventors and inventions – who are they? What did they invent, and why is this important?
  • Learn Pneumonic symbols
  • Past paper practice – this will help you learn what to expect from the exam questions
  • Use sample answers and mark schemes – this will help you understand what the examiner expects from you, and they will also help with structuring your solutions.

Leaving Certificate Engineering revision material

To demonstrate that you have covered the whole syllabus in depth, you will need access to various revision materials to help you learn and apply your knowledge in an exam context. The table below explores the revision materials we offer at for Leaving Certificate Engineering students.




Engineering Technology – 3rd Edition

Engineering Technology – 3rd Edition

  • Suitable for Ordinary and Higher Level students
  • Comprehensive diagrams
  • Clearly structured
  • Provides in-depth coverage of techniques, processes and equipment
  • Questions at the end of each section
  • Detailed index and appendices
Leaving Cert Engineering Book

Leaving Cert Engineering

What is Leaving Cert Engineering?

  • The best LC Engineering book and online package
  • Concise, student-friendly, well-structured and based on over ten years of examined content
  • Free ebook, videos and quizzes.

Leaving Certificate Engineering past papers

Exam practice is one of the most crucial preparation methods for your Leaving Certificate exam; it helps you apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned from the classroom and from practical investigations into unfamiliar contexts. Written examination practice will help you understand what to expect from the exam and what the examiner expects from you.

Practising an entire examination paper can be helpful to get adjusted to time pressure. You may benefit from reading through the most recent Engineering paper to get an idea of the topics that have just come up; however, the structure of this exam will likely be different to yours. Access all the Leaving Certificate past papers here.

Leaving Certificate Engineering exam tips

Once you have done everything you can to prepare for your exam, the only thing left is to ensure you can maximise your marks in the final exam. The following tips will help you do this for the Engineering Leaving Cert exam.

  • Use a pencil and a ruler for any diagram/graph drawing; there will be marks up for grabs for neat, accurate and clear diagrams.
  • Read through the whole examination paper so you can decide which questions you want to answer; choose the questions you feel most confident answering first
  • Answer as many questions as possible in the allocated time; you will be marked on your best answers.
    • For Question 1, you should attempt every question even if you are only marked on a selection of them.
    • Make sure you have enough time to complete all of the required answers thoroughly; however, attempt any other questions if you have time at the end of your exam.

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