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Vamos a Escuchar 2!

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A Listening Comprehension Course for Leaving Certificate Spanish

  • Now in full colour
  • Two free student's CDs
  • 93 units of aural material to develop listening skills.
  • Numerous references to modern communications technologies such as mobile phones, iPods and the Internet. Language and vocabulary reflect current usage.
  • Units are carefully graded to cater for all abilities.
  • Suitable for both classroom use and independent learning.
  • Feature 16 speakers with a wide variety of regional accents.
  • Reflects exam closely in style of texts used - dialogues, news items, announcements, advertisements, weather forecasts, telephone conversations, narratives etc.
  • Teacher's CD script
  • Key lexical and grammatical elements presented and reinforced
  • Spanish culture is referenced through mention of festivals, customs and traditions, places of interest, social history, recent cultural changes, television programmes, cuisine, etc. integrates Spanish Culture.
Vamos a Escuchar 2! by Folens on

Vamos a Escuchar 2!


A Listening Comprehension Course for Leaving Certificate Spanish


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